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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets Traffic Lawyer Asheville police Scott K. Dillin

Traffic Violations

Anyone can make a mistake, but the costly ones often stay with you. As a criminal defense and traffic / DUI attorney here in Western North Carolina, I seek to provide my clients with clear, honest legal advice to help mitigate the impact of those mistakes, while being mindful of their budget.

As a former assistant district attorney, I’ve tried hundreds of DUI / DWI cases, and fight for my clients to achieve the best result possible. I pride myself on offering honest case assessments free to potential clients, and fighting to protect the rights of individuals that seek my assistance.

I provide legal advice and representation for DUI / DWItraffic violations, and criminal offenses in the following counties and cities of Western North Carolina: Jackson, Rutherford, Polk, McDowell, Transylvania, Madison, Yancey, Haywood, Henderson, and Buncombe.

Look over the following categories and see if any are an area that I can be of service to you. I will do my best to fight for you and give you the best legal defense, you deserve.

Call us now for a free consultation. We accept payments by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Most charges allow me to appear on your behalf, without the need for you to attend court.

How Many Points Is a Speeding Ticket in NC?

That is a vague question to ask considering the many factors that go into determining how many points your offense(s) may be worth. The below chart is a “guide” based on NC DMV statutes and guidelines. Here are the 10 ways you can get points on your license for speeding in NC.

#Traffic ViolationPoints
01Speeding (less than 10 mph over limit when limit is 70 mph or greater)3 Points
02Speeding (less than 10 mph over limit when limit is 55 mph or greater)3 Points
03Speeding (under 10 mph over limit when limit is less than 55 mph)2 Points
04Speeding (more than 10 mph over when limit is between 55 mph & 76 mph)3 Points
05Speeding in A School Zone3 Points
06Speeding Through a Safety Zone3 Points
07Speeding when limit is 55 mph or greater3 Points
08Speeding when limit is 55 mph or less2 Points
09Speeding (75 mph or greater when limit less than 70 mph)Suspended
10Speeding to Evade ArrestSuspended

Other License Points Violations:

These are various other traffic violations that “award” your DMV record with points the following 28 ways to rack up points on your license in NC are ordered by severity.

#Traffic ViolationPoints
01Non-Moving ViolationsNo Points
02Littering from vehicle1 Point
03All other Moving Violations2 Points
04Failure to Restrain Child in Restraint2 Points
05At Fault Accident (property damage > $1,800, but < $3,000)3 Points
06At-Fault Accidents (injury or property damage < $1,800)3 Points
07Driving with no Liability Insurance3 Points
08Driving with no Operator’s License3 Points
09Failure to Stop for Siren3 Points
10Failure to Yield Right of Way3 Points
11Stop Sign/Stop Light Violation3 Points
12Driving on Wrong Side of Road4 Points
13Following Too Closely4 Points
14Hit and Run (property damage)4 Points
15Illegal Passing4 Points
16Reckless Driving4 Points
17Aggressive Driving (Class C License)5 Points
18Passing a Stopped School Bus5 Points
19Aggressive Driving (Comm. Lic.)6 Points
20At-Fault Accident (injury/death > $800, or property damage > $3,000)Suspended
21Driver Under 21 Driving after Consuming Alcohol/DrugsSuspended
22Driving While Revoked or SuspendedSuspended
23DWI (.08 BAC or more)Suspended
24Highway RacingSuspended
25Hit and Run (injury/death)Suspended
26Manslaughter or Negligent HomicideSuspended
27Pre-arranged Highway RacingSuspended
28Transporting Illegal Liquor for SaleSuspended


The point is if you can avoid doing any of these while in a moving motor vehicle you should keep a spotless driving record. Remember that in NC your driving record is part of your criminal record unlike some of our neighboring states.

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