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Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets Traffic Lawyer Asheville police Scott K. Dillin

Speeding Tickets


There are approximately 150 different traffic violations you can be charged within North Carolina. We handle all of them!

Even though speeding tickets are common throughout the State, they can have a very real and serious effect on your driver’s license and insurance rates. Individuals charged with speeding infractions that go to court without a lawyer can be making a big mistake by not realizing the consequences that can accompany even a simple speeding ticket. We will work for you to minimize the impact of the ticket on your license as well as the financial impact of an insurance rate increase, which on average is a 25% increase in your insurance rate per point. Merely paying off your speeding ticket is equivalent to a guilty plea which could have serious negative implications for your license and driving record.

There are a number of factors to consider in how you deal with a criminal traffic charge, and making the wrong decision could result in significant fines, insurance penalties, and possible revocation of your license. Your traffic history, as well as pending charges and the timing of the charges, play a large role in how to handle your ticket. Sometimes, a reduction in speed is all you need, but other times a ‘Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC)’ or a reduction to ‘Improper Equipment Violation – Speedometer’ is required to avoid points and revocation. Some judges and some district attorneys are more likely to offer such relief, while others will deny it. Every court and courthouse has its own rules, regulations, and procedures for handling traffic cases, and often you can run afoul of those local rules.

Failure to reduce speed

These tickets are normally associated with an accident and, if so, we can normally have these dismissed with proof that any claims associated with the accident have been paid. If there is no accident involved then they are treated as minor moving violations and must be addressed properly to avoid an insurance increase.

Speeding in a construction zone

This speeding charge is treated as a typical speeding charge for insurance purposes but carries with it a mandatory penalty currently at $250.00. We handle these charges as we would a standard speeding charge but we will often be able to have the penalty reduced so that the financial effect is minimized.

Speeding in a school zone

If you are convicted of speeding in a school zone then your insurance will increase whether or not you have a clean driving record. Furthermore, district attorneys and judges are often reluctant to reduce these charges to keep them from affecting your insurance due to the public policy involved. Despite this, we are often successful in keeping even this type of charge from affecting your insurance.

Prayer for judgment

Essentially, what a PJC does is continue the judgment. Take a speeding ticket for example. A conviction of the ticket would carry license points, and often times, insurance points as well. However, if the court grants a PJC, then no points will result. A PJC also prevents the imposition of a fine.

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